This area is designed to help orient new adult leaders into their position as well as explain the continuum of training provided by the BSA, Greater Western Reserve Council, and Pack 72 for volunteer leaders. Generally speaking, training describes the basic workings of the Scouting Program. This orientation is to help eliminate the doubts that new volunteer leaders have about their responsibilities. You will find an online training center, helpful training resources, and the continuum of training for adult leaders in Cub Scouts.

Trained leaders provide a quality Scouting program which helps keep youth interested and engaged in all that Scouting has to offer. Surveys have shown that units with 100% trained leadership are more likely to have quality programs and retain youth in their units.

Get Involved!

Want to become a Leader? See how.

New Leader Training

Tips and Tricks on what you need to do as a new Den Leader!

New Parent Orientation

What do you need to do to get started? Take a look here!

Youth Protection

All registered leaders are YPT (Youth Protection Trained). Check out what that means to you and learn what is required once you are YPT.

Online Learning Center

Log in (no cost to register), and complete various online training courses.

Why "Trained" Leaders?

What does it mean to be a "Trained" Leader and how to qualify to get your patch.

Health and Safety

Supplemental Training regarding Health and Safety

Supplemental Training

Want to learn more? Check out these training courses.