Blue and Gold

Cub Scouts celebrate Scouting Anniversary Week in February with a "birthday party" called the Blue and Gold Banquet. The Blue and Gold Banquet is the highlight of the year. It brings families together for a time of fun and cheer.

The purpose of the blue and gold banquet is to celebrate the Birth of Scouting, thank pack leaders and other adults who have helped the pack, and inspire the leaders, Scouts, and parents. We award any last recognition items, as well as recognize those boys that have achieved rank in a meaningful ceremony. During the "Show" half of the banquet, Scouts put on skits, stunts, songs, or jokes that they have been working hard on during the year.

After the show is over, we enjoy some cake and good treats!

Please invite your closest family and friends to help celebrate with your Scout and Pack 72!

2020 Blue and Gold

Saturday, February 8th @ 2:00pm

GVES Cafeteria

Theme: Around the World

Printable Invitation