4.0 Weight and Appearance

4.1 It is required that all vehicles be visible to what the front of the vehicle will be considered, so it may be raced from the same position each time. The front is also required to have a flat surface that is at least ½” in length, centered on the car, and be placed at the outermost position of vehicle - no more than 1" above track surface.

4.2 Weight shall not exceed 5.00 ounces (142 grams). The reading of the Official Race Scales will be considered final.

4.3 No loose materials of any kind are permitted in or on the car. All weights and attachments must be securely fastened to the car by permanent glue, nails, or screws. Taping weight or attachments to the car will NOT be permitted.

4.4 Mercury shall not be used for adding weight.

4.5 Cars with wet paint or glue will not be accepted.