Family Camp

Friday, July 23th - Sunday, July 25th 2021

Pymatuming State Park

2660 Williamsfield Rd, Jamestown, PA 16134

Park Office: 724-932-3142

NOTE: This is not a Pack 72, LEC, or BSA affiliated event. We are just using the Pack 72 page for informational purposes. BSA Insurance will not be available for this trip.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, this will be more of a "minimalist" camp compared to previous years. We will be leaving the kitchen sink at home.

For all the newbies ... Family Camp is open to Scouts and their families to camp for a weekend. The Pack provides the tent site, food, shelter, gear, and some activities. All you need to bring is your own tent, sleeping gear, clothes, and personal affects. Tow behind campers are welcome, but you will have to reserve/pay for your own site.


Cost for camp is $10/person. Where can you go camping for an entire weekend for $10?!

Please let Cubmaster know if you have any food allergies. Not a list of foods your kid won't eat, just only the medical related allergies.


Maps & Directions

The address for the office is: 2660 Williamsfield Rd, Jamestown, PA 16134

Please take printed maps/directions with you! GPS has been known to fail on previous Family Camps. Cell phone reception could be limited. Be prepared!

The "group" will be camping at Group Site A05

Park Website

Google Map

What to Pack

The Pack provides all food, cooking equipment, and firewood along with shelter for dining area. We also throw in some table/yard games, and activities to keep the kids busy while in camp. Feel free to bring your favorite yard/card/board game!

Each family will need to bring their own personal gear. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Tent / ground cloth

  • Sleeping bag / pillow

  • Bathroom essentials/towel

  • Bug spray/sunscreen

  • Flashlights

  • Rain gear

  • Camp chair

  • Bikes (if you want)

  • Water Bottle

  • Masks (just in case)

  • Hand Sanitizer

Make sure you pack for all weather. Dry Campers = Happy Campers (although, the bad experiences are usually the most memorable, lol )


Family Camp is pretty laid back, but we do have a fluid schedule we start with ...

I plan on arriving at camp sometime Friday early afternoon (Check-In after 3pm). You can plan on arriving anytime that day/evening. I can always use a hand setting up.

  • Friday:

      • Arrive at Camp/Set-up

      • Dinner Friday is on your own.

      • Rules/Planning Meeting

      • Explore

      • Snacks/activities

  • Saturday:

      • Quick Breakfast

      • Pack Sack Lunches

      • Group activity & Lunch

      • Family Time - explore/activities on your own

      • Dinner

      • Activities/Snacks at camp

  • Sunday

      • Breakfast

      • Clean-up/pack-up (Check out by 3pm, but we are usually cleaned up and packed up well before)

      • After camp is cleaned up/packed up, you are free to go wherever.

Things to do

I normally put a list of nearby attractions or things to do in the area ... but you guys are tech savy enough to Google your own. If you need suggestions, let me know - I could find some for you.

Feel free to plan with other families, or jump on their wagon for Family Time or Sunday after clean-up