Peace Light

The Peace Light is a continuously-burning flame, originating from the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Israel. Each December, Scouts are challenged to help the flame reach as many people as possible, passing the flame lantern to lantern - while reminding the public that we can all be channels of peace through our words and actions.

The International Peace Light 2022

The Peace Light will be making the journey across the Atlantic this year! It's arrival is slated for December 4th at JFK International Airport. Unfortunately, after accounting for travel time once it lands, it will be too late to share before the holidays. But ...

Pack 72 will be receiving the Light from a Keeper of the Flame within the US on November 25th. Our Keeper has continuously maintained the Light since 2016.

  • To Learn more about the Peace Light, and how you can be involved - check out How this Works and other links below.

Pack 72 will receive the Light, and begin our Journey to share with as many as possible in NE OH and NW PA. We welcome you to follow along, spread the word, and get involved in this world wide opportunity to spread Peace through our words and actions.

Peace Light

Sharing Ceremonies

11/27: Village of Orwell Tree Lighting Ceremony 6pm

12/4: St. Vladimir's Cathedral | Parma, OH 12pm

12/24: Orwell UMC | Orwell, OH 7pm

Distribution Maps

See where the Light will be, and has gone, throughout NE OH and NW PA.

2022 Sharing Map

2021 Sharing Map

2020 Sharing Map

2019 Sharing Map

2018 Sharing Map


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Additional Sharing Ceremonies

(see distribution map for info)

Our History

Pack 72's involvement with the Peace Light began in 2013 when Joe Redding of Wisconsin, lit his Lantern in New York and passed it to the Greater Western Reserve Council Office in Warren, OH on his travels back home. We picked up the Light, and held our first Sharing Ceremony with a whole 3 attendees on a cold winter night.

Beginning in 2016, Brian Duane of Massachusetts has taken over for the now retired Joe Redding. He volunteers his time to help Welcome the Light at JFK Airport when the Light arrives in the United States. On a route he plans for months, he carries his lanterns halfway across the United States (and back), sharing the Light with as many people as are interested. They in turn, share the Light with others ... in hopes to reach across the entire country - and continent.

Pack 72 has had the honor to Welcome the Light to NE Ohio from 2016 - 2018 at Quail Hollow Country Club. From there, we share with other Packs and Troops in the NE Ohio/PA Region, as well as Congregations of all faiths from Parma to Colebrook. Our Scouts even had the privilege of making an informational video about the Peace Light at the Lake Erie Council Office in 2017.

In mid-December, Pack 72 hosts our own Sharing Ceremony for the community of Orwell and surrounding communities - where all are welcome to share in the Light, and enjoy music and cookies. This ceremony has grown to an attendance of over 75 in 2017.

In 2017, Pack 72 had the privilege of sharing the Peace Light with over 300 people - with our reach continuing to grow.