How this works ...

The significance and meaning of the Peace Light is based upon the individual receiving it. Some choose to just light a candle and say a prayer, some choose to share with friends and family - and some choose to share beyond. Only YOU can decide what you're going to do with the Peace Light. Whether you keep a "peace infused candle" in your home, or you maintain the flame all year - the significance of the Light remains the same ... a message of Peace. Our goal is to share the Peace Light with as many as are willing to accept it - so you can just accept it, or help share.

How do I receive the Light?

It's fairly simple. Find someone/somewhere that has the Light, arrange a time and place to share. Transfer the Light from their lantern to yours (or candle) and say a quick prayer in the name of Peace. This could be at a formal sharing ceremony, from a host, or in the parking lot of the nearest restaurant.

What do I do with the Light?

Now this is where you have to ask - what is the significance of the Peace Light to ME? You can light a candle at home for the evening, week, or year ... or if you're like the rest of us - SHARE it! Friends, Family, Packs, Troops, Churches, homeless shelters, .... anywhere that is willing to receive the message of Peace. You can "host" the Light and allow people to come to your organization to receive it, you can coordinate a Sharing Ceremony for your community, you can travel around and deliver it - however you decide to share the Light is up to you!

  • Remember to click the Link: I have the Light - to let us know, so we can put you on the map - and help you share.

How do I transport the Light?

Safely of course. Nothing says Peace like a car traveling the highway at 80mph - on fire. All joking aside, when done carefully - transporting the Peace Light can be done safely.

  • Oil Lanterns are the preferred method to transport. Winds and/or movement wont blow out the flame easily. These lanterns can be found online or at your local Walmart - nothing special needed. You can also build a cool carrier like the one found here. This helps to keep the lantern secure while traveling.
  • Oil "candles" work as well. Some variations may be more difficult to secure during transport unless someone holds them. There are some that will fill perfectly in your cup holder.
  • Standard candles will work ... but again - securing them safely becomes more difficult, and they are much more susceptible to being extinguished by wind or movement.
  • Peace Infused Candle. When no other means are available, you can light a candle, extinquish it for transport then re-light when you reach your destination.

If using oil - paraffin is preferred to kerosene, and other fuels. Paraffin has less odor and soot, and will not burn without a wick - making it a safer option for transport.

Editor's Note: We do NOT recommend attempting to hold ANY type of device with a flame while you are driving! Enlist the help of a friend, or construct a carrier as state above.