7.0 Racing

7.1 The final standings will be based on average times. Racers will race a minimum of 4 times. The top 10 average times will move to the Championship round. The Championship Round consists of 20 heats, each racer racing 2 times. The average times for the Championship Round only will determine place finishes.

7.2 The winners for the Design/Sportsmanship categories will be determined by a panel of judges selected by the Pinewood Derby Chair. The decision of the panel will be final.

7.3 If a car leaves the track during a race due to a failure or defect of the car, the other cars in the race will re-run the race and the defective car will be entered as a time of 0.00.

7.4 If a car leaves the track NOT due to a failure or defect in the car, all the cars will re-run the race. If the same car leaves the track a second time, it will be entered as a time of 0.00.

7.5 If a car becomes disabled due to leaving the track, or mechanical failure, the scout will be allowed 5 minutes to attempt to repair the car with help from his adult partner. All repairs will be made under the supervision of a Pit Crew Member. No other modifications or changes may be made to the car during this time.