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Minnesota Venturers try underwater basket weaving

posted Sep 19, 2013, 7:39 AM by webmaster pack72   [ updated Sep 19, 2013, 7:39 AM ]
Note: Not a real patch.— no, seriously

Note:  This is not a real patch

In Crew 9820, they’re taking the joke of “underwater basket weaving” to new heights.

Or, technically, new depths.

Last weekend, the Minnesota Venturing crew, which specializes in scuba diving, went below the surface in their field uniform shirts, wetsuits and scuba gear. But they weren’t hunting for fascinating fish or awesome artifacts. They were making baskets.

Why? “Because we could,” says crew Advisor Dave Tengdin.

The crew drove to Square Lake in Stillwater, Minn., and made baskets while immersed in 68-degree water.

“Everybody makes jokes about taking classes in underwater basket weaving,” Tengdin told KSTP-TV. “And we figured, you know what? Let’s just have underwater basket weaving.” Next up for the crew: underwater pumpkin carving. Seriously.

Read a little about the origin of “underwater basket weaving” on the Wikipedia page, watch video of the crew’s event here and follow the jump for more photos. 

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