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December News/Updates

posted Dec 9, 2014, 5:02 PM by webmaster pack72   [ updated Dec 9, 2014, 5:02 PM ]
Evening Scouts and Scouters!

Due to time constraints and computer issues, you don't get fancy this month.  I apologize for the delay.

  • Pack Meeting  This Friday, 12/12 6:30pm @ Orwell Legion
    • If  you haven't heard by now, we have decided to Adopt a Couple Families through Country Neighbor.  Details are on the website, or see below.  Each scout is to bring a gift or two - in the spirit of giving and helping during the holiday season.  Please select a person or 2 and go from there.  Please remember the code for the person(s) that you shopped for.  We will need to code each package.  Hopefully everyone doesn't select the same person.  :)
    • In addition, here are den assignments:
      • Tigers:  Drinks  /  Wolves:  paper plates/napkins  /  Bears:  Cookie decorating supplies  /  Web 1:  healthy snack  /  Web 2:  1 pair of scissors (with your name on them), and 1 roll of scotch tape.  I will supply wrapping paper.
    • we will be talking about Respect, wrapping gifts, and decorating cookies
  • Peace Light Ceremony:  Saturday, 12/20 6:00pm @ Orwell Legion
    • You can check out last years details on the website.  Hopefully I will get it updated this week and expand later.  Invite all friends and family.
  • Dues
    • If you have not paid your dues in full ... or made arrangements with Kim or myself .... please contact me immediately.  Re-charter is due this week.  If your dues are not paid, or no arrangements have been made - you risk not being re-chartered.  If not re-chartered, you will have to fill out new application and pay registration fee of $45 to re-register.
I will send another update when I have resolved computer issues.


Your Cubmaster

Adopt a family details

Here are the ages, clothing sizes, sex, and suggestions of our 2 large families. We denote each person by a number then a letter, so when you bring the items back please have the number and letter on each gift. Thank you so much for your help on that.
Thank you so much for helping with our Christmas program
6-A Female 51 she is not asking for anything.
6-B Male 60 Pant 30x32, Shirt L, Shoe 9
6-C Boy 13 Pant 14, Shirt M, He likes to read, airplane models
6-D Boy 8 Pant & Top 8, likes trucks, cars, learning books, dinosaurs
6-E Boy 6 Pant & Top 5, likes cars, trucks, coloring books
6-F Boy 4 Pant & Top 4T, likes Legos, books, cars, trucks, dinosaurs
6-G Female 76 Top M, likes candles, crafting
13-A Female 58 Pant 16, Shirt XL, Shoe 8, likes bath stuff, puzzles (500-1000)
13-B Female 38 Pant 16, Shirt XL, Shoe 9, likes bubble bath, Puzzles (500- 1000) Crafts IE paint and yarn
13-C Boy 14 Pant 34x34 , Shirt L, Shoe 11, likes Art (draws), needs a winter coat XL, Likes to play basket ball, Steelers Fan
13-D Boy 12 Pant 14 husky youth, Shirt L, Shoe 9 1/2 youth, likes USC action dolls, baseball mitt, bat, Browns Fan
13-E Boy 11 Pant 12 Youth, Shirt M, Shoe 8 1/2 youth, likes Reading IE Goosebumps & Hunger Games, Items to play Baseball
13-F Boy 5 Pant & Shirt 7, Shoe 2 youth Wide, Lagos, toy chainsaw, coloring books, sponge Bob